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  Hello CRVCers!

We need your help and support for a wonderful outreach opportunity, the West Hartford How-To Festival on March 24.  It will be in the West Hartford Public Library near the corner of South Main Street and Farmington Avenue from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We have been accepted to participate this year.  As we understand it, we will have a table at which we will demonstrate stitches and techniques.

What we need from our membership is one hour of your time -- a mere one hour to spend at the table with stitching friends, talking about embroidery and showing off your knowledge.

As of now, the plan is to have some finished pieces that contain a wide variety of stitches and finishing techniques hanging around/behind us.  If someone is curious about a particular stitch in one of them, we can demonstrate.  We will have references available such as the Embroidery Stitch Bible to refresh our memories.  There will be a variety of small projects in various techniques hooped up and started, to which visitors can "Add-A-Stitch" to try the stitches out.  There will also be little kits for giveaways or for visitors to try on the spot (with our assistance), and maybe some wrapped candies.

We ask only that you bring along a couple of your own doodle cloths (one hooped, one in-hand) on which to demonstrate various stitches, and you might want to bring a small project that you're working on as a conversation starter or to while away the time during a lull.

At an event like this, it's "the more hands, the merrier."  Last year's event had a wide range of demonstrators, from soldering to how to mix and match clothing to re-potting plants to applying henna tattoos to knitting to building a catamaran to cupcake decorating, and all in between.  Before or after a stint at our table, you'll be able to wander around the library and soak up all kinds of creative inspiration!

Please email me at as soon as possible with the best times for you to help at our table!  Thank you!

Kathryn J. Lord, CRVC Prez

Remember that dues are now to be paid annually by May 1st as the
membership year runs from June 1 to May 31.  Please use the coupon
provided to renew your membership.

Save these September dates
Gay Phillips Workshop
Saturday and Sunday, September 8th and 9th, 2018
in the Hartford/Springfield area

Please join us for a 2-day counted embroidery workshop with Ellen Chester!!

More information to come............

And The Big News....................

The New England Region is hosting the EGA National Seminar from September 3 -- 8, 2020!!

The seminar will be at the Sheraton Back Bay in Boston, a perfect setting for a great weekend.


An additional message from Pat Timpanaro and NER.......

NER EGA was contacted by Meg Michalski, the event manager at Stone Cow Brewery in Barre, MA.  The Brewery offers a variety of educational workshops and classes that involve working with one's hands at their 1830 brew barn.  Meg would like to offer a beginning embroidery class and contacted NER to help find a teacher.

I asked Meg if she could be more specific about what she wanted to offer and she said, "Something on a hoop, that people could hang on their wall would be nice but perhaps just a simple sampler of basic stitches may be a good way to introduce people."

I also asked her about class length, size, and student age.  Typical classes are between 1 to 4 hours, although multiple days are possible.  She was planning the class to be for adults, with possibly older (16+) teens as well.  They can accommodate up to 20 students and will work with the teacher to determine the class and kit costs.

If you're interested in working with Stone Cow, please contact Meg Michalski directly at

CRVC Library

Our CRVC Library has seen very little use in the last 5-10 years and therefore the Board has made the difficult decision to dissolve it.  Chapter members are being offered the first opportunity to purchase the books in the library with the funds going into the education fund.

The list of books in the library is on the CRVC web site, listed both alphabetically
by title -- -- and alphabetically
by author --  If you are interested in one or more titles, please contact the chapter librarian Judie Solomon at with the title(s) and the price you are willing to pay for each title.  Once you are notified that the books are yours, please arrange to pick them up at Thistle Needleworks.  If you prefer to have your book(s) mailed to you, please let the librarian know and you will be informed how much the postage will be (via Media Mail).

If all the books are not distributed to members, they will be offered to other chapters and other EGA members.

CRVC Board Meetings

During 2018, some Board Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of odd-numbered months and some will be held on Saturday immediately preceeding a general meeting. See the Master Calendar for actual meeting dates and location.

CRVC Bylaws

The CRVC Chapter Bylaws (Revised 2013) are available for viewing.

Here’s a call to all members..................we would love to have others assume some of the jobs for our chapter. They are NOT big jobs, just some "pitching in" to help with short term needs. Hopefully you can attend our board meetings on the second Tuesdays of odd-numbered months or on Saturday immediately preceeding a general meeting. That’s where we come up with plans for future meetings, so you’ll enjoy the fun of learning what’s out there.

Please contact Lisa ( if you would like to help.


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