September 2018

Saturday, October 13th, 2018
            Class starting "Frozen Reflections" -- Designed by Lorene Salt

'Frozen Reflections' by Lorene Salt

“Frozen Reflections” was inspired by an unpublished 1920 era Liberty Magazine cover designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  This design has us exploring the many faceted faces of ice.  I decided to experiment with a colour palette of teal, pale mauve, and soft shades of blue because I wanted to show the cool qualities of the icicles and the refraction of the sunlight shining through the ice bubbles.
Students will be provided with a blank canvas with the outline of the design drawn on to it.  Students will learn how to create texture by layering stitches as well as learning a variety of specialty stitches such as Double Fan, Rectangular Jessica, Tramé and Trellis, Diaper patterns and Laid fillings.  This piece is further embellished with Swarovski crystals, pearls, bugle and seed beads.  This is an Intermediate level piece.
Threads used include DMC and Finca Perle Cottons, Kreinik #8 Braid, Planet Earth Silk Opal, Caron Impressions, DMC #5 Perle Cotton Variations, Vineyard Silk, ThreadworX #8 Overdyed Kreinik Braid, and Rainbow Gallery Fyre Works.

The patterns for this piece will be purchased by the chapter, and lessons 1 & 2 will be available at this meeting.  Kits are available for purchase and will include 18-count French Blue mono canvas.  You will need four 12” stretcher bars and the usual sewing supplies.

The December and February meetings will be devoted to continuing work on this piece with lessons 3 & 4 available in December and lessons 5 & 6 in February.  Questions relating to directions or techniques will be emailed to the teacher, and her advice will always be available to us.

Registration to work on this piece must be received by September 1st so that kits can be assembled and patterns ordered.  A coupon is provided to register for this project.

Saturday, December 1st, 2018
            Class continuing "Frozen Reflections"


Saturday, February 2nd, 2019
            Class continuing "Frozen Reflections"


Saturday, April 6th, 2019
            Rozashi Class

                  More information in future newsletters

FUTURE BOARD MEETINGS   (All members are welcome)
Tuesday, September 11th at Thistle Needleworks at 10 am
Saturday, December 1st at Duncaster at 10 am

The New England Region is hosting the EGA National Seminar from September 3 – 8, 2020!!

The seminar will be at the Sheraton Back Bay in Boston, a perfect setting for a great weekend.


Announcing the next Group Correspondence Course offered by NER:
      • By Melinda Sherbring

NER is paying all registration fees associated with the class.  Each student pays only the cost of the instruction booklet and supplies, plus $10.00 towards the postage costs.
The cost of the class is $50.00, which includes the $40.00 text fee and the $10.00 postage fee.
Registration deadline is September 18, 2018.  Registration will be sent to National shortly thereafter.  Booklets will be received by the group leader approximately 8 to10 weeks after that.  The group leader will notify you of the end date.  This is a six to nine month course.

MORE THAN A ROSE by Melinda Sherbring
Group Correspondence Course Registration form:

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Preferred Phone: _________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________

If you are willing to be the group leader, please initial here: ________

EGA Membership Number (required): ___________________________________

The registration deadline is September 18, 2018.
Please send this form along with a check in the amount of $50.00 made payable to “NER EGA” to: Susan Polumbo, 65 Wren Drive, Suffield, CT 06078

More Than a Rose
Teacher: Melinda Sherbring
More Than a Rose is a small piece designed to introduce students to some stitches and raised work techniques used on English sweet bags ca. 1600.  The student should be familiar with Tent stitch, able to follow a stitch diagram, and willing to make decisions based on a range of presented alternatives typical of that time period.  Students may follow the choices made on the model or test their wings with alternatives.  This project is worked on a linen ground with your choice of cotton or silk floss and with gold and silver passing threads, providing a taste of goldwork without a large investment in gold materials.  The techniques are a mixture of Tent stitch, surface embroidery, and needlelace.  The text shows how to work Plaited Braid, four varieties of Corded Detached Buttonhole, three varieties of Ceylon, Offset Cross, and other more familiar stitches.

Course information
Project:  Framed Piece
Size:  Approximately 5″ x 3.5″
Color Choices:  Gold, silver, and three shades each of red, blue, green, and brown
Fabric:  8″ x 10″ white or off-white linen, 28- to 36-count
Threads:  Gold and silver threads (list of non-tarnish alternatives to precious metals is provided); lizerine; choice of cotton floss, spun silk, or flat silk threads
Proficiency Level:  Intermediate
Prerequisites:  Familiarity with tent stitch and willingness to make decisions based on presented alternatives
Time:  Six lessons scheduled over six to nine months
Text:  $40 per student; 60 pages with color images
Supplies (approximate):  About $35 (cotton threads, non-tarnish metal threads, sharing lizerine), or $70 (Soie Ovale, non-tarnish metal threads, sharing lizerine), or $140 (Soie d’Alger, genuine metal threads, own lizerine)

'More Than a Rose' by Melinda Sherbring

Century House Hotel


You Need to come!
  A 2-3 day weekend spent stitching, and making friends here in the Albany Area.
    •    Goodie Bags for participants
    •    Door Prize Raffles
    •    2 exchanges: a smalls exchange and a mystery box exchange
    •    Brag table: limit to 2 items
    •    Freebie/Exchange table- destash or add to your stash
    •    Deerhill Farm (Pat Taylor Athanas) from Hyde Park will be bring items for sale to enhance stash!
    •    Includes Lunch Friday, Saturday & Sunday along with Dinner Friday & Saturday Night
    •    You can come for all 3 days or just 2 (fee will be adjusted)

October 26-28, 2018

At the Historic Century House

$200/pp includes: Meeting Room and Lunch and Dinner

Go to Enter "For The Stitcher’s Soul Fall Retreat" to get your ticket.

Go to the Facebook page
For The Stitcher’s Soul
for more details

This retreat is not affiliated with EGA, but CRVC is including the information in case some of our members are interested.

CRVC Program Registration Form
Class starting Lorene Salt's "Frozen Reflections" on October 13th

Mail completed form to:  Linda Berry, 343 Seabury Drive, Bloomfield, CT 06002.  Make check payable to CRVC-EGADeadline for registration is September 1st.

Class starting Lorene Salt's "Frozen Reflections"

________ Member's kit fee $80
________ Lunch ($8)

Name:     ________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Email address: __________________________________________________________________
Phone#: ________________________________________

CRVC Program Registration Form
Class continuing Lorene Salt's "Frozen Reflections" on December 1st

Mail completed form to:  Linda Berry, 343 Seabury Drive, Bloomfield, CT 06002.  Make check payable to CRVC-EGA.

Class continuing Lorene Salt's "Frozen Reflections"

________ I plan to attend
________ Lunch ($8)

Name:     ________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Email address: __________________________________________________________________
Phone#: ________________________________________

CRVC-EGA Membership

$57. Primary Membership
$15. Plural Membership (NER)
$18. Plural Membership (not NER)

For a membership card, please enclose a SASE.

Amt. Pd. ____________

Check #  ____________

Date Pd. ____________
    (keep as your receipt)


CRVC-EGA Membership and Address Change Form

The membership year runs from June 1 to May 31.  If you are joining after
September 1, please contact the membership chairman for prorated dues.

Mail your completed form to:  Suzanne Newton, CRVC-EGA Membership, 14 Madison Lane, West Simsbury, CT 06092.
Make check payable to CRVC-EGA.  Enclose SASE for membership card.

        __ Address/Email Change
        __ CRVC Primary Membership ($57)
        __ Plural Membership, Primary Chapter in New England Region ($15)
        __ Plural Membership, Primary Chapter not in New England Region ($18)

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