September 2009


Saturday, September 26th and Saturday, February 6th, 2010
Part 1                                                      Part 2

                    "Window in Provence" with Lynn Payette

Window in Provence

GROUND FABRIC:  White (soft) Congress cloth
SIZE: 6 ¼" x 4 ½"

"Window in Provence" is a non-charted, pre-drawn design that will give the student a unique opportunity to try new and different techniques and materials.

This piece will be worked in three stages.  Stage One: This will be to create the wall, window, shutters, and the shadows.  The wall is created from pieces of ultra-suede that have been cut out and applied to the ground fabric in several pieces (by lightly gluing them with a glue stick).  Lines will be drawn (with a Micron pen) on the ultra-suede to depict ‘cracks’ in the wall.  (Note: the ultra-suede will not totally cover the ground.  It will only be used here and there to indicate the wall.)  The bricks on the wall are stitched in variegated silk ribbons.

The shutters will be created by covering pieces of cardboard with fabric and then stitching them to the Congress cloth ground.  (Note: The cardboard used is thin enough to easily stitch through.)  These will then be overstitched with pearl cotton and floss to create the slats and braces of the shutters.  The actual window will be covered with sheer fabrics that are cut and applied to create the glass and shadows on the windows.  The sashing will be worked in couched #5 pearl cotton.

Stage Two: The tree will be created using novelty threads, pearl cottons, metallic threads, and flosses that are couched down.  Student will use a tissue paper pattern over the piece to work the tree.

Stage Three: The flowers and leaves are created using silk ribbons in 4 mm. and 7 mm. widths.  These are in various different shades giving the student ample opportunity to make decisions as to placement and color choice.  The stitches used include: hollyhock stitch, gathered flower, fuchsia flower, straight stitch, puffed straight stitch.

The emphasis on this piece will be to teach the student new, unusual and unique techniques and stitches, as well as teaching the student how to create depth, perspective and cast shadows with threads, fabrics and ribbons.

KIT CONTENTS:  Pre-printed white Congress cloth; silk ribbon; ultra-suede; floss; pearl cotton; Brazilian (rayon) thread; sheer and opaque fabrics; cardboard; nettings; novelty threads; beads.

STUDENT SUPPLIES:  12" x 9" stretcher bars and tacks, small, sharp scissors, paper scissors, an assortment of needles including a beading needle, glue stick (not the blue type); invisible thread and beeswax; bag to transport piece, extra light and magnification if desired.

See the registration coupon for this meeting.  The deadline for signing up for this class is August 20th.

Saturday and Sunday, December 5th and 6th

                    "Spa Reading" with Lynn Wilkinson

"Spa Reading" is designed as a cover for a paperback novel.  It allows us to read anything we please in a public forum without being judged for our reading selection.  The title and colors were chosen with the thought that our reading time is a time to refresh, renew and escape and should be a relaxing experience.  A book cover provides a convenient way to spot our book among the others in the household, as well as provide a built-in bookmark that never gets misplaced.  This project is an exploration of color, an exercise in design juxtaposition with lots of freedom for the adventurous to explore merging design lines, playing with form and structure, and using diagonal and vertical stitches and patterns.  The not-so-adventurous stitcher has the comfort of the set stitch guide.  Issues of texture and light play will be examined with opportunities to experiment.  Assorted bargello, trellis, ribbon and diagonal patterns were used.  The approximate finished size was calculated to fit the slightly larger paperbacks currently being published, so there is plenty of room for the stitcher to scale back the size to fit the smaller, more traditional paperback.

Proficiency Level:  Intermediate

Design Size:  8.5 X 10.5 (front to back)

Kit Fee/Contents:  $65; 18-count canvas (French blue), silk and cotton over-dyes, Kreinik ribbon, Accentuate, size 8 perle cotton, instruction booklet, color copy and needles.

Spa Reading

See the registration coupon for this meeting.  The deadline for signing up for this class is November 1st.

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

                    Window in Provence - Lynn Payette
                                Part 2


Saturday and Sunday, June 5th and 6th, 2010

                    Stitch for Perspective - Lois Kershner


FUTURE BOARD MEETINGS   (All members are welcome)    
                                        Tues., Sept. 15th       Tues., Nov. 3rd  

Stitching Getaways:

The next meeting of the West Side Day group will be on Tuesday, Sept. 15th at Linda Berry’s house in Bloomfield.  Bring along your lunch and a project you are working on and/or any project you would like to share. Please email or phone Linda at or 860-521-9709 if you plan to attend.

Directions to Linda’s:  From the center of Bloomfield and Wintonbury Mall, proceed on Wintonbury Avenue (backside of mall) for .9 mi.  At a large STOP sign, you will have to turn right to stay on Wintonbury Avenue.  Continue .7 mi. and turn left onto Seabury Drive.  Stay to the left past the main building and continue left toward Wildwood Court.  Linda’s house is the fourth unit, and the sign for Wildwood Court is in her front yard.  Her house number is 343.

Pequot Colony – Anyone who is interested can call Doris Boas at: (860) 572-8441 or Stephanie Thorp at: (860) 536-0912.

New England Region
Group Correspondence Courses

NER is offering 3 CC's with just a $10 registration fee plus the cost of the instruction book!

Dresden Kitty       —       Ikebana       —       Silk Ribbon Pond

All these Courses are new to EGA and are not to be offered by EGA on-line in the near future.  Check your education catalog for clearer pictures of these projects.

Sign up by October 31, 2009.  Classes will start in January, 2010

To Register:  Please send the coupon below and a check for the total amount payable to New England Region-EGA to Pat Sweet, 10 North St., Wilmington, MA 01887 (978-404-9844, The deadline is October 31, 2009.

Dresden Kitty — Ikebana — Silk Ribbon Pond CC's



Chapter: _________________________________EGA Number____________(required)

(Please check all that apply and total)

Dresden Kitty          Text $20 ________
Ikebana                 Text $31 _______
Silk Ribbon Pond Text $30 ______
Registration for each CC $10
                     Total enclosed ________

Send check with coupon for the total amount by October 31, 2009 to:
Pat Sweet, 10 North St., Wilmington, MA 01887 (978-404-9844,

Dresden Kitty

NEW Dresden Kitty (Teacher: Wanda Linsley)

Dresden Kitty is an adventure into pulled work, also know as drawn fabric, a type of counted thread white work.  Pulling the working thread to compress the ground threads gives this work its lacy appearance and texture.  Pulled work is composed of variations on a few basic stitches: Double Back Stitch, Four Sided Stitch, Crossed Stitch, Straight or Satin Stitch, Wave Stitch, Faggot Stitch and Composite Stitches.  Kitty provides the opportunity to learn all of these stitches, beginning with basic stitches and progressing to more complex.  The opportunity to design your background is an option.  Based on my cat named Patches, a Manx which is a uniquely tailless breed, her "patches" worked well for becoming the Dresden Kitty.  Kitty is worked on 24-28 count evenweave linen, such as Zweigart Dublin Linen, with DMC #12 pearl cotton and DMC #80 crochet cotton.  Purchasing the linen by the yard as a group will reduce the expense.

Project:  Pulled thread
Size of project:  5" x 7" design area
Fabric:  24 to 28-ct evenweave linen such as Zweigart Dublin Linen, 11" x 13" white, ivory, cream, or natural.
Threads:  DMC Pearl Cotton #12 and DMC cotton for crochet #80 in a color to match the linen.
Skill level:  Intermediate to advanced
Prerequisites:  Ability to read and apply a graph to fabric threads
Time:  Four months with meetings left to the discretion of the group
Fee:  $150 per group
Text:  $20.00 per student; unbound, two-pocket folder
Supplies (approximate):  Less than $20.00, depending on the type of linen

  Dresden Kitty

NEW Ikebana (Teacher:  Ilse Altherr)

Ikebana is a sampler of composite, pulled thread stitch patterns.  The central floral composition, created in the style of Japanese flower arrangement, is worked in counted diagonal satin stitches and pulled Scotch stitches.  It introduces a touch of color to the sampler, bringing out the textural pulled thread patterns of the frame.  While the embroidery on the sampler measures approximately 6.5" by 8.5", the size of the student’s sampler depends on the ground fabric used.  Worked on Zweigart® Cashel linen®, any countable ground, cotton or linen can be used, with the exception of Aida® cloth or Hardanger fabric.  Designed for the advanced intermediate stitcher, each stitch is clearly graphed as to its location and execution.  The text includes one color photocopy, nine master chart pages, one complete layout, numerous charts and instructions, as well as suggestions and hints for easier and better stitch accomplishments.

Project:  Sampler
Size:  6 ½ " by 8 ½ "
Fabric:  Zweigart® Cashel ®, cream, or student’s choice
Threads:  DMC® 6 stranded cotton, DMC® pearl cotton #8 and #12
Colors:  Cream and medium dark ecru, as well as greens and mauves, or student’s choice
Skill level:  Advanced intermediate
Prerequisites:  Ability to read and apply a graph to fabric threads
Time:  Six months.  Required meetings are left to the discretion of the group.
Fee:  $150.00 per group
Text:  $31.00 per student, unbound, two-pocket folder and one color photocopy
Supplies (approximate):  $25.00; less if materials are purchased to be shared or used from stash.


NEW Silk Ribbon Pond (Teacher:  Kim Sanders)

Explore the luscious colors and luxurious texture of silk ribbon embroidery as you create a fantasy landscape from a dozen uncomplicated silk ribbon stitches.  Step-by-step instructions make Silk Ribbon Pond simple enough for a beginner, while a wide variety of stitches and the option to choose one’s own colors will engage the intermediate stitcher as well.  The course includes detailed information on successfully manipulating silk ribbon, clear stitch diagrams, and many illustrations to guide the student as each flower is embroidered.  Students may use the suggested color scheme or personalize the piece with their own choice of colors for ground fabric and ribbons.  A section on color theory is provided to assist students in making successful color choices.  The text also discusses a variety of ways a single stitch can be used, so that each embroiderer can create his/her own variations and original designs in the future.

Project:  Framed picture
Size:  8" x 6" design area
Fabric:  Silk dupioni
Threads:  2mm and 4mm silk ribbon, stranded cotton
Colors:  As shown in photograph or student’s choice
Skill Level:  Beginner to intermediate
Prerequisites:  None
Time:  One preliminary meeting, five working meetings, five months
Fee:  $150 per group
Text:  $30.00 per student, 1 color photocopy, 4 detailed, color photographs
Supplies (approximate):  $45-50 depending on ribbon selection and if ribbons are shared.

  Silk Ribbon Pond

CRVC Program Registration Form -- September 26th and February 6th Meeting

Mail completed form to:  Linda Berry, 343 Seabury Drive, Bloomfield, CT 06002.  Make check payable to CRVC-EGA. The deadline for signing up for this class is August 20th.

"Window in Provence" with Lynn Payette

______Members kit fee $72.50;  Non-members kit fee $82.50

______I have enclosed $12 (Sept. 26) and/or $12 (Feb. 6) for lunch.

Name:     ___________________________________________________
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CRVC Program Registration Form -- December 5th and 6th Meeting

Mail completed form to:  Linda Berry, 343 Seabury Drive, Bloomfield, CT 06002.  Make check payable to CRVC-EGA. The deadline for signing up for this class is November 1st.

"Spa Reading" with Lynn Wilkinson

______Members kit fee $65;  Non-members kit fee $75

______I have enclosed $12 (Dec. 5) and/or $12 (Dec. 6) for lunch.

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Phone:    _______________________ Email:______________________

CRVC-EGA Membership

$36.50/25. Primary Membership
$15. Plural Membership (NER)
$18. Plural Membership (not NER)

For a membership card, please enclose a SASE.

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Check #  ____________

Date Pd. ____________
    (keep as your receipt)

CRVC-EGA Membership and Address Change Form

Mail your completed form to:  Suzanne Newton, CRVC-EGA Membership, 14 Madison Lane, West Simsbury, CT 06092.
Make check payable to CRVC-EGA.  Enclose SASE for membership card.

        __ Address Change
        __ CRVC Primary Membership ($36.50 for last quarter; $25 from Oct.-Dec.)
        __ Plural Membership, Primary Chapter in New England Region ($15)
        __ Plural Membership, Primary Chapter not in New England Region ($18)

Name:            ____________________________________________________

Address:        ____________________________________________________

City, ST,ZIP  ____________________________________________________

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