November 2009


Saturday and Sunday, December 5th and 6th

                    "Spa Reading" with Lynn Wilkinson

Spa Reading

"Spa Reading" is designed as a cover for a paperback novel.  It allows us to read anything we please in a public forum without being judged for our reading selection.  The title and colors were chosen with the thought that our reading time is a time to refresh, renew and escape and should be a relaxing experience.  A book cover provides a convenient way to spot our book among the others in the household, as well as provide a built-in bookmark that never gets misplaced.  This project is an exploration of color, an exercise in design juxtaposition with lots of freedom for the adventurous to explore merging design lines, playing with form and structure, and using diagonal and vertical stitches and patterns.  The not-so-adventurous stitcher has the comfort of the set stitch guide.  Issues of texture and light play will be examined with opportunities to experiment.  Assorted bargello, trellis, ribbon and diagonal patterns were used.  The approximate finished size was calculated to fit the slightly larger paperbacks currently being published, so there is plenty of room for the stitcher to scale back the size to fit the smaller, more traditional paperback.

Schedule for Saturday:
            9:30 AM to 12:15                    Morning class
            12:15 to 1 PM                          Lunch, show and tell, and announcements
            1 PM to 3:30 PM                     Continuation of class
Schedule for Sunday:
            9:30 AM to 12:15                    Morning class
            12:15 to 12:45 PM                   Lunch
            12:45 PM to 3:30 PM              Continuation of class

Location: Duncaster Senior Residence, Bloomfield, CT (see directions below)

What to bring:
            Your current project to share for show and tell
                12 x 20 stretcher bars
                tacks (preferably) 
                basic stitching supplies to include scissors for metallics
                needle threader if you need one
                tekobari or laying tool ( a must)
                frame holder (lap frame, C clamp, stretcher bar weight) 
                Floss-away bags, baggies (at least 12) (something to keep your threads separate
                                as many of them will look alike once cut from the skein)
                Mechanical pencil for charting (and a good art eraser-like Magic rub)
                Auxiliary lighting and extension cord (if you need it to be able to see 18M)
                Favorite graph paper if you have one (some will be provided, but we all have favorite scales)
                Magnification if you need it.  You will be working on 18M canvas.

Here are directions to Duncaster:  (Official address is 40 Loeffler Road, Bloomfield, CT, but we would like you to enter the building on the Mountain Avenue side)

84 Westbound [from Manchester] 
Take Rt. 291, exit 61.  Follow Rt. 291 to Rt. 218 exit.  Take left onto Rt. 218.  Follow for about 3 miles.  Take right onto Rt. 189 and follow to the center of Bloomfield.  Take a left on Rt. 178.  Continue straight on Rt. 178 for 1.4 miles.  To use the new front entrance, turn right onto Mountain Avenue and continue approx. ½ mile to entrance on the left into Duncaster.  From the Loeffler Road entrance or the Mountain Avenue entrance, once on the campus, visitors should follow the signs to the Aquatics & Fitness Center Entrance.

84 Eastbound [from Farmington]
Take exit 41.  Go left on South Main Street [which becomes North Main Street at West Hartford Center] for 4.6 miles to Rt. 185.  Turn left on Rt. 185 for 1.8 miles.  Turn right on Rt. 178.  To use the new front entrance, after about ½ mile turn left onto Mountain Avenue and continue approx. ½ mile to entrance on the left into Duncaster.  From the Loeffler Road entrance or the Mountain Avenue entrance, once on the campus, visitors should follow the signs to the Aquatics & Fitness Center Entrance.

91 [North or South]
Take exit 36.  Go west on Rt. 178 for 4.5 miles to the center of Bloomfield.  At the traffic light continue straight on Rt. 178 for 1.4 miles.  To use new front entrance, turn right onto Mountain Avenue and continue approx. ½ mile to entrance on the left into Duncaster.  From the Loeffler Road entrance or the Mountain Ave. entrance, once on the campus, visitors should follow the signs to the Aquatics & Fitness Center.


Saturday, February 6th, 2010

                    Window in Provence - Lynn Payette
                                    Part 2

We will continue to work on this beautiful piece.  Bring the same supplies as requested for the September meeting.  They are listed below, in case you need to know:

STUDENT SUPPLIES:  12" x 9" stretcher bars and tacks, small, sharp scissors, paper scissors, an assortment of needles including a beading needle, glue stick (not the blue type); invisible thread and beeswax; bag to transport piece, extra light and magnification if desired.

Location:  Duncaster Senior Residence, Bloomfield, CT

Saturday, April 10th , 2010                 Reunion in April
Site for meeting: Thistle Needleworks

Since the "reunion" last June was such a success, we would like to schedule one again for our April meeting.  Please bring your projects that you’ve completed since last June, or class pieces you have taken this year or exciting pieces that you would like to share.  Hopefully we can all learn from the problems encountered or tips to be shared.

Saturday and Sunday, June 5th and 6th, 2010

                    Stitch for Perspective - Lois Kershner

This Stitch for Perspective notebook class explores stitches and techniques to create a realistic interpretation of an outdoor landscape scene.  The class will focus on stitching for perspective and dimension using threads in a variety of colors and textures on 18ct mono canvas and Congress Cloth.  Background and foreground stitching areas include those for clear skies, clouds and sunsets, ocean waves and calm waters, streams, trees and bushes, fields and grasses, flowers, and some small structures.  Special techniques include thread blending and shading, padding, layering, canvas appliqué, attaching beads and needleweaving.  You will have an invaluable reference notebook for your canvas embroidery landscapes.

Below are a couple of samples of Lois’ work and her use of stitches. As you can see, her effects are wonderful.

Monet's Water Lily Pond

Stone Fence

You may remember that Lois was a popular teacher at the Region Seminar in Pittsfield last April.  We are very excited that she is coming to our chapter.  In order to secure materials in time, she needs to know how many of you will be taking her class by April 5th.  The chapter is covering the travel expenses and teaching fees, so all you need to pay for is the kit for the class.  Several of our members have experienced a class with Lois and will happily assure you of its value.  A coupon for registration is at the end of this newsletter, so please fill it out soon so we will know of your interest.

Kit fee:  $80

An important date for your calendar............September 25 & 26, 2010

This is the date for the next Region Day.  Jane Nicholas will be teaching a two-day class in stumpwork, and another teacher will offer a one-day counted piece on Saturday.  The location will be in the Framingham area, and lots of details, such as costs and the room rate, will be available after the March NER meeting.  Stay tuned for particulars.

Another date for your calendar.......................April 15-17, 2011

This will be the weekend for the New England Region Seminar in Portland, Maine.  The hotel is in the downtown area of the city where there are lots of wonderful places to visit.  The Maine chapter is busy with plans for a wonderful time, so look for more information in the next few months.

FUTURE BOARD MEETINGS   (All members are welcome)    
    Tues., Jan. 5th     Tues., Mar. 2nd     Tues., May. 4th     Tues., Sept. 14th     Tues., Nov. 2nd  

Stitching Getaways:  The next meeting of the West Side Day group will be on January 5th at Suzanne Newton’s house in West Simsbury.  Bring along your lunch and a project you are working on and/or any project you would like to share.  Please email or phone Suzanne at or 860-658-2037 if you plan to attend.

Pequot Colony – Anyone who is interested can call Doris Boas at: (860) 572-8441 or Stephanie Thorp at: (860) 536-0912.

Here’s a call to all members..................we would love to have others assume some of the jobs for our chapter. They are NOT big jobs, just some "pitching in" to help with short term needs. Hopefully you can attend our board meetings on the first Tuesdays of odd-numbered months. That’s where we come up with plans for future meetings, so you’ll enjoy the fun of learning what’s out there.

Please contact Julia ( if you would like to help.

CRVC Program Registration Form -- April 10th Meeting

Mail completed form to:  Linda Berry, 343 Seabury Drive, Bloomfield, CT 06002.

Reunion in April

______I plan to attend.
                                Hope you will join us for lunch.

Name:     ___________________________________________________
Phone:    _______________________ Email:______________________

CRVC Program Registration Form -- June 5th and 6th Meeting

Mail completed form to:  Linda Berry, 343 Seabury Drive, Bloomfield, CT 06002.  Make check payable to CRVC-EGA. The deadline for signing up for this class is April 5th.

"Stitch for Perspective" with Lois Kershner

______Members kit fee $80;  Non-members kit fee $90

______I have enclosed $12 (June 5th) and/or $12 (June 6th) for lunch.

Name:     ___________________________________________________
Phone:    _______________________ Email:______________________

CRVC-EGA Membership

$25. Primary Membership
$15. Plural Membership (NER)
$18. Plural Membership (not NER)

For a membership card, please enclose a SASE.

Amt. Pd. ____________

Check #  ____________

Date Pd. ____________
    (keep as your receipt)

CRVC-EGA Membership and Address Change Form

Mail your completed form to:  Suzanne Newton, CRVC-EGA Membership, 14 Madison Lane, West Simsbury, CT 06092.
Make check payable to CRVC-EGA.  Enclose SASE for membership card.

        __ Address Change
        __ CRVC Primary Membership ($25 until Dec. 31)
        __ Plural Membership, Primary Chapter in New England Region ($15)
        __ Plural Membership, Primary Chapter not in New England Region ($18)

Name:            ____________________________________________________

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