August 2003


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Greetings from the hot days of summer!
  Hopefully you have found a shady spot under some trees or in your garden and have had some time to sit and stitch.  The New England Region will be presenting an exhibit at EGA's National Headquarters beginning March 2004.  Pieces need to arrive 2 weeks prior to the exhibit (by February 15th) and will be on display for approximately one month.  It is up to the individual exhibitor to send in pieces, although they may be sent as a group.  Julia Appell has forms that need to be completed and included in your package.  There is no limit on the size of the items, but they do need to be finished and ready for display.  Please use this deadline as a reason to complete one or more of your favorites.  CRVC would like to provide at least ten pieces for the exhibit, so get in touch with any of the board members if you have questions.

Last chance to sign up for the October program: "Lady Viola's Sweet Bag" and "The Mermaid's Sampler" with Lauren Sauer

Lauren will be coming to our chapter to teach two one-day workshops.  On Friday, October 10th, she will teach "Lady Viola's Sweet Bag".   Check out the class description at  There is still time to register, but please do so soon in order to have a kit ready for the class.

Program Schedule for Friday, October 10, 2003:
  9:30 - 12:30   Lauren Sauer Class (part 1)
12:30 -   1:15   Lunch
  1:30 -   3:30   Lauren Sauer Class (part 2)

Lunch:  You may bring your own lunch or we will be ordering sandwiches from the deli at the grocery store across the street.  If you would like to order a sandwich, please arrive promptly to select your sandwich from the menu.

To Register:  See the Registration Form at  Registration deadline is Sept. 1st.

The class offered on Saturday, October 11th is "The Mermaid's Sampler".  This design continues Lauren's "Mermaid Series" which draws upon design elements, ideas and motifs found in early American needlework.  Most of this sampler is embroidered "over one", especially "Plymouth Harbor" and the Mermaid herself.  A complete class description is at

Program Schedule for Saturday, October 11, 2003:
  9:30 - 12:30   Lauren Sauer Class (part 1)
12:30 -   1:30   Lunch, Business Meeting, Show and Tell
  1:30 -   3:30   Lauren Sauer Class (part 2)

Lunch: You may bring your own lunch or we will be ordering sandwiches from the deli at the grocery store across the street.  If you would like to order a sandwich, please arrive promptly to select your sandwich from the menu.

To Register:  See the Registration Form at  Registration deadline is Sept. 1st.

December program: "Schwalm--ing Bee" Whitework Workshop with Diana Snyder 

  On Saturday, December 13th, please join us for our holiday program which will feature a chance to learn a new whitework technique.  German Schwalm embroidery creates a non-traditional design using traditional surface and counted thread techniques.  The stitches include chain, satin, coral knot, herringbone, cord, and Persian mesh work.  The design may become a pin cushion, a small purse or adorn a name tag.  The linen fabric may be either 32 or 36 count in white or natural (tan).  Threads are coton a broider in sizes 12, 16, 20 and 25, depending on fabric selection.  Thread colors may be white or ecru.  See the enlarged image of this design on our website.

This program day will also feature an ornament exchange, so begin to think of what you will make to participate in the fun.  We will also enjoy show and tell, so bring something to share or display.

Student Level: All
Class Fee: $20.00             Kit Fee: $18.00

To Register:  See the Registration Form at

February program: "Cube It" from the "Elegant Stitch"

On Saturday, February 14th, Virginia McCarthy will lead us in this non-sewing finishing technique.  Kits will be handed out at the December meeting to be stitched by our February meeting date.  We will then complete the finishing during this program following the clever methods from the "Elegant Stitch".  The snow date for this meeting is Saturday, February 21st.

News from the New England Region:

"Region Day"
Saturday, September 20, 2003

The Sheraton Framingham Hotel (Exit 12 on the Mass. Tpke.)

Framingham, Massachusetts
10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Please join us for an exciting day of learning with Pat Houghton.  The cost for this program is $27, which includes lunch.  Please check our website for more information and a registration form for this event.  The deadline for registration is September 15, 2003.

Here is a reminder that the Merrimack Valley Chapter is hosting a two-day workshop on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 1st and 2nd with Jane Nicholas.  She is an excellent teacher of stumpwork, and examples of her pieces can be seen in the National Seminar brochure for Rye Brook, NY.  If you wish to register for this class, check the MVC website at for further information.  Registration closes September 15.

National EGA Seminar

Hopefully, many of you are going to attend the EGA National Seminar in Rye Brook, NY.  This is a wonderful chance to attend this extensive seminar without the cost of air travel.  The dates are October 19-25, and the choices of classes are many.  Registrations are open until September 19th on a space-available basis, so sign up soon to get the classes you want.

Join us on Oct. 10th and 11th and watch for our next newsletter in late October!