Embroiderers' Guild of America, New England Region

Connecticut River Valley Chapter
CRVC Library Books by Title
Author                          MCB   Title                                               
Fox, Sandi                            19th Century American Patchwork Quilts
Lantz & Lane                    x,c   A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas
Hedlund, Catherine A.            r    A Primer of New England Crewel Embroidery
Safford & Bishop                      America's Quilts and Coverlets
Baker, Muriel L.                 r    American Crewel Embroidery
Landon & Swan                    r    American Crewelwork
Harbeson, Georgiana B.           r    American Needlework
Swan, Susan                           American Needlework
Bolton & Coe                          American Samplers
Antiques magazine                     April 1975 (contains a long article about the
                                        Connecticut Historical Society, including the
                                        embroideries in their collection)
Day & Buckle                     s    Art Nouveau Embroidery
Williams, Elsa               AP       Bargello
Hall & Riley                          Bargello Borders
Rhodes, Mary                          Batsford Book of Canvaswork
Butler, Anne                          Batsford Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches
Geddes & McNeil                  x    Blackwork Embroidery
Baker & Lunt                 AP       Blue & White, Cotton Embroideries of Rural China
Dyer & Duthoit                        Canvas Work from the Start
Nevison, John                         Catalogue of English Domestic Embroidery
Smith, Barbara L.            AP       Celebrating the Stitch
Lane, Maggie                          Chinese Rugs Designed for Needlepoint
Lamber, Staepelaere & Fry             Color and Fiber
Gostelow, Mary                        Complete Guide to Needlework Techniques & Materials
Schoelwer, Susan P.                   Connecticut Needlework: Women, Art, and Family,
McMorris, Penny                  q    Crazy Quilts
Williams, Elsa               AP       Creative Canvas Work
McBride, Regina                       Creative Crewel Embroidery
Francini, Audrey                      Crewel Embroidery
Wilson, Erica                         Crewel Embroidery
Edwards, Joan                         Crewel Embroidery in England
Woodard & Greenstein                  Crib Quilts and Other Small Wonders
Patera, Charlotte                q    Cutwork Applique
Howe, Margery B.                 r    Deerfield Embroideries
Whyte, Kathleen                       Design in Embroidery
Japanese                              Design Source and Techniques
Japanese                              Designs from Victoria Albert Museum
Thomas, Mary                          Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches
Caulfield & Saward                    Dictionary of Needlework
Davis, Mildred                        Early American Embroidery Designs
EGA                                   EGA Glossary 1995
EGA                                   EGA Library Book List 1995
Digby, George W.                      Elizabethan Embroidery
Thomas, Mary                     x    Embroidery Book
Wilson, Erica                   x,s   Embroidery Book
Coats Sewing Group                    Embroidery in Fashion
Dean, Beryl                           Embroidery in Religion & Ceremony
Embroiderers' Guild (England)         Embroidery Studio
deDillmont, Therese              x    Encyclopedia of Needlework
Jones, Mary Eirwen                    English Crewel Designs
Snook, Barbara                        English Historical Embroidery
Campana, Michele                      European Carpets
Japanese                              Floral Designs for Needlework
Snook, Barbara               AP  x    Florentine Embroidery
Kaestner, Dorothy            AP       Four Way Bargello
Museum of Fine Arts - Boston          From Fiber To Fine Arts
Story, Dorothy P.                     Full-Color American Indian Designs for
                                        Needlepoint Rugs
CRVC                                  Fundamentals of Embroidery
Krueger, Glee                         Gallery of American Samplers
Jeroy, Judy                           Garden Party
Edmonds, Mary J.                      Geometric Designs In Needlepoint
deDillmont, Therese                   German - Drawn Work
Ring, Betty                           Girlhood Embroideries (2 vol. set)
Fassett, Kaffe               AP  #    Glorious Needlepoint
McMillan, Susan                       Greek Island Embroideries
Tudor Publishing                      Handbook of Designs and Motifs
Peterson & Svennas                    Handbook of Stitches
CRVC                                  Hearts Desire - Canvas
Morrow & Tomlinson                    Herb Garden
Schiffer, Margaret                    Historic Needlework of Pennsylvania
Swain, Margaret                       Historical Needlework
Groves, Sylvia                        History of Needlework Tools & Accessories
Jones, Mary Eirwen               r    History of Western Embroidery
Stearns, Martha G.               r    Homespun and Blue
Rhodes, Mary                          Ideas for Canvas Work
Dean, Beryl                           Ideas For Church Embroidery
Howard, Constance                     Inspiration for Embroidery
Short, Eiran                          Introducing Quilting
Adi-Rubin, Margalit                   Israeli Yemenite Embroidery
Murariu, Sylvia                       Joy of Summer
Awege, Gayna                          Kelim Canvas Work
Bath, Virginia                        Lace
Swift, Gay                            Larousse Encyclopedia of Embroidery Techniques
Russel, Pat                           Lettering for Embroidery
Embroiderers' Guild (England)         Making Samplers
McCalls                          x    McCall's Needlework Treasury
Dawson, Barbara                       Metal Thread Embroidery
DMC Library                           Morocco Embroideries
Petrakis, Joan                        Needle Arts of Greece
Nordfors, Jill                        Needle Lace and Needleweaving
Hanley, Hope                 AP  c#   Needlepoint
Rhodes, Mary                 AP  #    Needlepoint
Christensen, Jo Ippolito         c    Needlepoint Book
Christ Church                         Needlepoint Cushions
Sorensen, Grethe                      Needlepoint Designs From Oriental Rugs
Davis & Giammattei           AP       Needlepoint from America's Great Quilt Designs
Hanley, Hope                          Needlepoint in America
Christ Church                         Needlepoint Kneelers
Bridgeman & Drury                     Needlework
Cavallo, Adolph S.                    Needlework
Siegler, Susan                        Needlework Patterns from the Metropolitan
Best, Lugg & Tucker                   Needlework School
Snook, Barbara                        Needlework Stitches
Ring, Betty                      x    Needlework: An Historical Survey
Bishop, Robert                        New Discoveries in American Quilts
Krueger, Glee                         New England Samplers to 1840
Kerimov, Lyatif              AP       Persian Rug Motifs for Needlepoint
Swan, Susan                           Plain and Fancy
McNeil, Moyra                    x    Pulled Thread Embroidery
McNeil, Moyra                         Quilting for Today
Coleman, Anne                         Quilting New Dimensions
Laury, Jean Ray                  q    Quilts and Coverlets
Wilson, Erica                    q    Quilts of America
Di Fata, Mani                         Ricami d'Assisi, Album I
Lane, Maggie                          Rugs and Wall Hangings
Colby, Averil                         Samplers
Christie, Mrs. Archibald              Samplers and Stitches
Dreesmann, Cecile                x    Samplers For Today
Nielson, Edith                        Scandinavian Embroidery - Past & Present
Sturmer, Marie M.                     Stenciled Quilts
Woelders, Ann                         Stitchery-Free Expression
Enthoven, Jacqueline                  Stitches of Creative Embroidery
Enthoven, Jacqueline                  Stitches with Variations
Baker, Muriel L.                      Stumpwork
Best, Muriel                          Stumpwork
Nicholas, Jane                        Stumpwork Embroidery: A Collection of Fruits, Flowers
                                        and Insects for Contemporary Raised Embroidery
Leene, J.E.                           Textile Conservation
Erickson, Lois                        Texture....A Closer Look
Drysdale, Rosemary               x    The Art of Blackwork Embroidery
Itten, Johannes                o,d,q  The Art of Color
Davis, Mildred                   r    The Art of Crewel Embroidery
Puls, Herta                           The Art of Cutwork & Applique
Montano, Judith                       The Art of Silk Ribbon Embroidery
Fawdry & Brown                        The Book of Samplers
Wilson, Erica                    x    The Craft of Black Work & White Work
Wilson, Erica                         The Craft of Silk and Gold Thread Embroidery
                                        and Stumpwork
Stevens, Helen M.                     The Embroiderer's Countryside
Kerr, Jana                            The Mystery Sampler
Swain, Margaret                       The Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots
Perrone, Lisbeth             AP       The New World of Needlepoint
Ambuter, Carolyn             AP  x    The Open Canvas
Coombe, Kate                          The Painted Garden
Gutcheon, Beth                   q    The Perfect Patchwork Primer
Hall & Kretsinger                q    The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America
Ickis, Margaret                  q#   The Standard Book of Quilt Making & Collecting
Lent, D. Geneva                       Thirty Designs from an 1847 Sampler
Litchfield Historical Society         To Ornament Their Minds
Forg, Carola                          Traditional Motifs for Needlework & Knitting
Freeman, Margaret B.                  Unicorn Tapestries
Proctor, Molly G.                     Victorian Canvas Work
Stenciling Quarterly                  Vol. 1, No. 2
Mashuta, Mary                    #    Wearable Art for Real People
Justema, William & Doris        o,q   Weaving & Needlecraft Color Course
Lane, Rose Wilder                     Woman's Day Book of American Needlework
Lane, Rose Wilder                     Woman's Day Book of American Needlework Patterns
Beaney, Jan                           Young Embroiderer
Clucas, Joy                           Your Machine for Embroidery
			1989 CRVC-EGA Needlework Showcase
			Embroidery - The Legacy of Needlearts
			Needlelace-Medallions with Vima Micheli
			The Needle Workshop with Shay Pendray & Marnie Ritter
Master Craftsman's Bibliography Listings:
  c=Canvas, o=Color, q=Quilt, r=Crewel, s=Silk & Metal, x=Counted Thread
  #=multiple copies
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